Book Management


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Accessories :

Items, such as earrings, or handbags, which are used to enhance a wardrobe.

Advance :

Money provided to a model prior to the completion of a contract. Often agencies will advance airfare or accommodations to a model as an incentive for that model to work with that agency.

Advertising Agency :

A company, which oversees the direction of an ad campaign. Normally they are responsible for the hiring of photographers, producers, art directors, etc.

Agency :

A company, which promotes models in exchange for a commission on the model's earnings. Agencies usually develop their models by recommending quality photographers and helping to educate the model about the business.

Agency Fee :

The fee an agency charges a client. This is different from the "Model's Fee" which is the amount deducted from the model. An agency fee is usually added to the total billing of a job.

Agent :

A person who helps arrange contracts and establishes contacts to aide in the promotion of models he/she represents. It should be noted that the agent works for the model and not the other way around.

Appliqué :

A decorative design made of one piece of fabric sewn on top of another.The perfect way to do pretty, appliqué is every designer's go-to when they want to create an artisanal effect. It's especially prolific in couture.

Art Director :

One who works on the set of a photo shoot to develop the overall image of the finished product.

Assignment :

A job for which a model is hired. Also called a booking.