Book Management


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Beauty Shot :

Generally a headshot, or close-up of a model, showing her/his true features. The makeup is very natural and light. The wardrobe is plain, and the background is simple and non-distractive.

Billing Form :

Models use this to record the details of a particular job. Details include time started and finished, the client's name, and associated costs.

Blocking :

The portion of a fashion show rehearsal where runs are choreographed. It involves deciding where models will be placed on the ramp for aesthetic and lighting purposes.

Blow-up :

An enlargement of a photograph to be used in a model's portfolio.

Body Girl :

A model that is promoted more for bookings that involve a stellar figure.

Book :

A model's portfolio.

Booker :

An agency employee who negotiates rates and other details for models' bookings.

Booking :

An assignment or job related to modelling.

Booking Conditions :

The provisions of a booking, which specify the terms under which the model will work. If a model is required in the booking conditions to work overtime or to wear lingerie, it often means the model will be paid more.

Booking-out :

A model giving notice to her agency of times she is unavailable to work is said to be "booking-out" for that period.

Boxy :

Square in shape with minimal tailoring.Most commonly seen on jackets, a boxy-cut lends an androgynous element as silhouettes remain undefined.

Buy-out :

A lump-sum payment given by a client to a model/agency instead of residuals on an ongoing campaign.

Buyer :

An employee of a store or boutique that is charged with purchasing clothing from designers. These clothes are then re-sold in their shops.