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Callback :

A second, or occasionally, third time a model meets with prospective clients. Usually callbacks are a strong indication a model is getting serious consideration.

Cap Sleeves :

A sleeve that sits in between sleeveless and short. A flattering cut as it elongates arms and covers shoulders.

Casting :

An interview/audition whereby models are viewed and considered for an upcoming assignment.

Casting Director :

An individual charged with overseeing the selection process of a casting.

Catalog/Catalogue :

A category of print modelling, which involves models displaying products with the goal of making the products desirable to consumers.

Cattle Call :

A large scale casting where models are quickly reviewed and very little interaction occurs between those doing the casting and most of those being seen.

Catwalk :

Another term for the runway used in fashion shows.

Change Sheet :

A large cloth put on the floor of a change room during a fashion show to protect clothes. It is also called a drop cloth because often during quick changes, clothes are dropped quickly so a new outfit can be put on.

Character Model :

Character Models can be found in all kinds of campaigns. Generally they either play they role of a well-known personality (such as Santa), or exude such personality that you can't help but notice them. Being attractive is not a requirement for being a character model. Being memorable is.

Check-In :

The time each day (or possibly twice a day) when a model is expected to contact their agency. The agency then gives the model his/her daily agenda of castings, go-sees, etc.

Checker :

The person backstage at a fashion show who checks the outfit and model prior to them entering the runway to make sure all the details have been attended to.

Chromes :

Seldom used in the age of digital photography, "chromes" is another name for "slides" (the product of slide film).

Client :

The person, group or company that hires models.

Closed Set :

An area open only to those involved in the production of the image. Those usually allowed on set are the model, photographer, the photographer's assistants, the art director and necessary stylists. Closed sets are primarily used for shoots requiring privacy.

Collection :

A designer's series of garments designed for a specific fashion season.

Commentary :

The spoken part of a fashion show as it relates to the clothing, designers and other relevant connections to the show's theme. Commentary is generally reserved for mall shows, charity shows or trunk shows.

Commercial :

A division of modelling generally reserved for less of a high-fashion feel. It is usually more casual and relative to everyday living.

Commercial Print :

The photographic use of a model's image to promote a product or service.

Commission :

The portion of a model's earnings retained by their agent/agency.

Comp :

A card or sheet featuring one model's pictures. Usually a comp will show the model's most marketable looks. Also called a composite, comp card, zed card or sed card.

Comp Card :

A card featuring one model's pictures. Usually a comp card will show the model's most marketable looks. Also called composite, comp, zed card or sed card.

Composite :

A card or sheet featuring one model's pictures. Usually a composite will show the model's most marketable looks. Also called a comp, comp card, zed card or sed card.

Confirm/Confirmation :

When a client and a booker agree on terms, this is a confirmation. All the details are taken care of and the model is assigned to that particular job.

Conflict :

This term refers to advertising campaigns that are similar in product or message. Usually clients will not want a model that has done a recent campaign for their competition. It is the client's responsibility to inform an agency of the product and campaign. It is then the agencies responsibility to ensure there are no conflicts.

Contact :

A signed agreement stating the conditions under which an arrangement will occur.

Contact Sheet :

A photo paper sheet that displays the images from a roll of film. It gives those selecting pictures a chance to preview the images before deciding which prints to blow-up. Also called proof sheets. Increasing, digital versions of contact sheets are being used for sharing large numbers of images ahead of the selection process.

Contract :

A signed agreement stating the conditions under which an arrangement will occur.

Creatives :

Unpaid photoshoots where - in theory - the model, photographer, stylist, and other artists on set have an equal contribution to the final image. Although the model does not pay for the shoot, she/he generally does pay for any prints they choose for their portfolio.