Book Management


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Digitals :

Digital snapshots taken of a model, usually with no makeup, and wearing a swimsuit or something flattering to the figure. These images are shared with clients or agencies in other markets, to show how the model looks in a more informal setting and (should) involve little to no retouching.

Direct Booking :

An arrangement in which the model is brought into a market for one booking.

Dirndl Skirt :

A full, wide skirt with a tight, fitted waistline.Popular with Fifties-inspired collections, it originates from the traditional German ensemble that also comprises a bodice, a blouse and an apron.

Dress Rehearsal :

A run-through of a fashion show before the actual event.??Dress rehearsals give models a chance to get accustomed to the clothes, shoes, choreography, tempo and other variables that can affect the presentation.

Dressers :

Backstage assistants at a fashion show who ensure the proper care of clothing and assist the model with changes between runs.

Dressing Room :

The backstage area of a fashion show where models prepare prior to the event, and get changed between sets.

Drop Cloth :

A large cloth put on the floor of a change room during a fashion show to protect clothes. It is also called a drop cloth because often during quick changes, clothes are dropped quickly so a new outfit can be put on. Also known as a change sheet.