Book Management


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E-card/E-comp :

A composite card designed specifically for marketing a model on the internet.

E-Card/E-comp :

Online Z-Card.

Editorial :

A category of modelling or photography referring to projecting mood, opinion or storyline into pictures. The term editorial is very vague in definition.

Epaulets :

A decorative shoulder adornment.Usually found on military uniforms and trench coats, an epaulet lends an air of authenticity to replica styles. 

Exclusive :

An arrangement between a client and a model that specifies the model works only for that client, unless that client allows the model to work on other projects.

Expense Form :

A sheet retained by models to keep track of relevant modelling expenses for tax purposes.

Extras :

On-camera bystanders in a motion picture, commercial, or other visual media. Models often are hired in these roles to create a certain image for a scene/scenes.