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Fashion District :

An area of a city where fabric shops, designers, clothing boutiques and often modelling agencies are located.

Fashion Model :

A model primarily used in the displaying of clothing and/or accessories.

Fashion Photographer :

A photographer who is defined by his/her collection of work for models, magazines, catalogues or other fashion images.

Fashion Show :

A staged show featuring models displaying clothing for the purpose of showcasing certain fashions.

Fashion Week :

The week when the collections are shown in fashion markets. Larger markets often have fashion weeks in different seasons. The fall collections may be shown in the spring fashion weeks.

Fee :

The amount agreed to be paid to a model for bookings.

Figure Model :

A model hired because of a stellar or unique body. Figure models are primarily used to display swimwear, lingerie, active wear or other tight-fitting or revealing clothing.

Filigree :

Ornamental work of fine wire, usually in silver or gold, with the addition of tiny beads. 

Fit Model :

A model around whom clothes are designed and/or constructed.

Fitness Model :

A model with a well-toned, muscular body. These models are featured in such magazines as Muscle and Fitness, and Men's Health.

Fitting :

A time prior to a booking when a model tries on fashions to ensure a proper fit.

Flat Rate :

A fee established prior to a booking, irrespective of time and conditions.

Freelance :

To seek out work without agency representation.

Full-length :

A photo showing the model from head-to-toe.