Book Management


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Hand Model :

A model with exceptional hands, used for advertising such things as rings, cell phones or dish soap.

Haute Couture :

High Fashion (French).

Head Shot :

A tight shot of the model's head & shoulders.

Headsheet :

A poster containing individual pictures of the models represented by a particular agency. Agencies send out their headsheet to clients and other agencies as a marketing tool.

Herringbone :

A V-shaped weave resembling the skeleton of a herring fish. 

Hold :

A request made by a client to an agency to reserve a model for an upcoming booking. If a model is held for a campaign, the agency will not commit the model to a conflicting campaign. If the booking does not work out, the model is then "released" from the hold.

Hostessing :

A style of interactive modelling which requires the live model to draw attention to a particular product or display.

House Model :

A model that works within a designer's studio to display fashions to prospective customers.