Book Management


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Layout :

The way in which photos, text, logos and other visual matter is presented on a printed sheet (magazines, catalogs, comp cards, headsheets, etc).

Leg Model :

A model with exceptional legs used for advertising such things as nylons, footwear or shavers.

Lettuce Hem :

The result of fabric being stretched as it is sewn, resulting in a wavy hemline.

Line :

A designer's particular collection for a certain fashion season.

Loading :

An additional amount paid to a model following the completion of a booking. The loading is paid for the use of the model's image beyond the scope of the original campaign.

Location :

In photography, meaning anywhere other than a studio.

Look Book :

A designer's promotional booklet to show off a season's collection to buyers.

Loupe :

A magnifying tool used to enlarge images on a contact sheet.