Book Management


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Major markets :

Cities and regions where the majority of modelling work is done.

Mandarin Collar :

A small, close fitting and upright collar. 

Mannequin :

A common term in France for a fashion model.

Mannequin Modelling :

Standing nearly still while displaying selected fashions as to give the impression of a store mannequin.

Market (noun) :

Regions where a certain amount of work is done.

Market (verb) :

To attempt to generate interest in.

Minibook/Mini-portfolio :

A smaller version of the model's portfolio which agencies send off to prospective clients in advance of a model's travels.

Model :

One whose image is seen as desirable and/or unique, and is contracted to draw attention to themselves and that which they are displaying.

Model's Release :

A form that is signed following the completion of a booking or photoshoot. The model signs this to allow the client the use of his/her image.

Model's tote :

A bag usually carried by models to their bookings containing tools required to complete the assignment. Items included may be Static Guard, a sewing kit, a makeup kit, extra shoes, and various kinds of undergarments.

Modelling Agency :

An business that exists to promote models in exchange for a fee or commission.

Mother Agency :

A Model designates one agency to be their "Mother Agency." The mother agency helps develop the model and is charged with negotiating contracts with agencies in other markets on the model's behalf.