Book Management


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Paperbag Waist :

A loose, pleated waistline that gives the impression of a scrunched bag when gathered at the waist. 

Parts Model :

A model that possesses something exceptional, such as hands, legs or teeth, which can be used for specialized types of advertising.

Petite Model :

Generally regarded as models under 5'7" (170 cm), and possessing a small frame.

Photo Movement :

The process of moving from pose-to-pose in front of a camera.

Photo Session/Shoot :

A scheduled time for the taking of photographs.

Plus-size Model :

Generally regarded as models that wear a dress size of 10 or more, possessing a larger frame.

Portfolio :

A book, containing a model's best work from photo shoots or tearsheets. The portfolio is used to show to prospective clients, to showcase a model's diversity and experience.

Potential :

A term used in conjunction with evaluating a model's ability to succeed.

Press Show :

A fashion show put on by a designer to introduce media to their new line or collection.

Pret-a-porter :

Ready to wear. (French)

Print :

A photograph. The standard size to fit a model's portfolio is 9" x 12".

Print Modelling :

Any type of modelling related to the publishing of still photographs

Proof Sheets :

Another term for contact sheets.

Props :

Items used in conjunction with a set to enhance to overall image of the picture.