Book Management


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Raglan :

The style of a sleeve, where a continuous piece of fabric continues to the neck with no shoulder seam. 

Ramp :

Another name for the runway used in fashion shows.

Rate :

The amount decided between a model/agency and a client for the time a model spends. Rates may be based on any number of factors and conditions.

Release (noun) :

A form that is signed following the completion of a booking or photoshoot. The model signs this to allow the client the use of his/her image.

Release (verb) :

To free a model's schedule from a prior commitment. An agency will put a model on hold for a prospective campaign/show, but will release the model if booking does not go ahead.

Reshoot :

An additional photo shoot required because of unsatisfactory results the previous time.

Residuals :

Additional money received by a model following the completion of an assignment. This money is paid based on how long the campaign runs, how often and where.

Resume :

A sheet prepared to outline the model's experience, qualifications, training and skills.

Roster :

An agency's list of models they represent.

Run (noun) :

Each occassion during a fashion show that a model steps onto the runway.

Run Through :

A fashion show rehearsal

Runway :

The area of the fashion show where models display the fashions. Generally the runway is an elevated stage. Also called a catwalk.

Runway Modelling :

Refers to the division of modelling involving the production and execution of fashion shows.