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Sample Size :

The size in which a designer constructs his or her original garment, usually to fit a model rather that the normal, buying public.

Scout :

One who is hired or contracted by an agency to seek out new faces. Often larger agencies will have former models living abroad do their scouting.

Scuba Book :

A type of model's portfolio.

Season :

A period of time for which particular designers plan their collections. The most common fashion seasons are fall and spring.

Season :

A period of time for which particular designers plan their collections. The most common fashion seasons are fall and spring.

Sed Card - ( Z-Card ) :

Another term for composite or comp card.

Seersucker :

Because of the way the fabric is stitched, it stands away from the body allowing air circulation, making it popular during summer months.

Semi-nude :

Topless, or even completely naked, but without revealing too much to the camera. The model may be posed in such a way that not everything is revealed. Often seen in ads for body washes, leg waxes, bronzers, etc.

Sheer :

See-through. A sheer garment still leaves visable that which it is covering.

Showroom :

A room maintained by a design house to showcase their fashions.

Showroom Model :

A model employed by a designer to stay in the showroom and display fashions to potential buyers/consumers.

Slides :

A type of 35mm film housed in cardboard or plastic for standard sizing and durability.

Snapshots :

A set of casual shots, usually requested by an agency to evaluate a model's face and body-type. Often, certain poses are requested.

Specs/Speculatives :

An assignment undertaken by a model and photographer, with the intention of selling the final product to a client. There is no guarantee of payment for either party. It is all speculation.

Spokesmodel :

Usually an attractive and well-spoken individual contracted to work in public, telling about a particular product or service.

Spread :

An ongoing (two-or more pages) feature in a magazine that follows a particular theme.

Starter :

The person backstage at a fashion show who tells models when to enter the runway area, and thereby controls the flow and timing of the event.

Statistics / Stats :

The physical variables of a model. Generally a female's comp card will contain stats such as bust, waist and hip measurements, height, dress size, shoe size, hair color and eye color. A male will have height, jacket size, waist, inseam, shoe size, hair and eye color.

Stock Photography :

Often, a photographer will hire a model to do stock shots. This means photographing the model with no particular project in mind.??Instead, the photos are put into a stock photography catalogue and clients, at any time, can purchase the photographs for whatever project they are dreaming up at that time. Stock photos are often used in corporate reports, political brochures, or on web sites that want to target a certain demographic, but don’t have the budget to shoot their own campaign.??Models are generally paid poorly for such assignments, but may do well if they can negotiate a fee for each occasion the photos are used. It’s not unlikely a good set of stock photos will be picked up for a variety of projects in different areas.

Stylist :

The person on set who tends to the model's wardrobe.

Swimsuit Model :

A model with an attractive figure to model swimsuits. Height is not as important for swimsuit modelling as it is for fashion modelling.