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Founded in 2013, Book Management is a boutique agency with its head office located in the heart of Montreal, Canada.

The Agency & Mission

Book Management is a boutique agency with its head office located in the heart of Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2013, BOOK Management focused primarily on placing and developing models with international agencies. Today, Book Management is a progressive management agency specializing in fashion, entertainment and advertizing, finding new ways of promoting, representing and offering talented individuals great opportunities that go beyond industry standards.

Book Management represents high-end fashion models,  Creative artists , Music artists and selective  Talent from around the world. Since the start, Book Management has signed and developed some of the brightest emerging faces, while providing the highest quality of representation, and continues to work with top players in the industry. The agency’s focus is on personal management and approach, as well as excellent and diligent work for our clients.


BOOK Management First opened its doors as a model placement agency having worked with many agents & agencies arround the world. Some of its new faces had worked their was to internation recognition for their uniqueness and  Placement scouts fresh faces to be placed locally and internationally. BOOK Placement takes care of their models local and international development working alongside the most reputable agencies in the Industry.

BOOK Management is a direct booking agency that promotes models from foreign markets to bring diversity and versatility to the local market. This division includes an arrangement of models in the following categories: In town Models, Direct Booking and New Faces as well as Print and Tween/kids .

Is a lifestyle division that represents models and talent including actors of all ages that appeal to commercial clients. Our models are featured in commercial prints, advertising campaigns, movies and tvc.

Represents and supports talented creative artists such as photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists that work on advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and fashion shoots with high profile clients.

Music Management is a full service representation of talented bands, singers and DJ/producer’s. This division is responsible for the initial bookings,management, promotions and reviewing of recording contracts of the artists.

Our Philosophy

BOOK management has an experienced and dedicated team of agents working closely with key industry players. Our team of professionals is constantly working to seize the best opportunities by collaborating with renowned agents and agencies around the world. The agency’s mission is to reinforce North America‘s heightened reputation for excellent management, and to develop international careers, by making our talent accessible to our global network. For individuals with promise and dedication, Book Management can become an international portal to the world of Fashion and Entertainment.In essence, Book Management symbolizes opportunity. With vast experience, the agency stands as an access point through which the best clients encounter the greatest talents.

The Scouting

Scouting great talent is a key factor to a successful agency. Book Management is known for its sharp eye for detecting potential talent and promoting &/or revamping their careers. Book Management’s reputation for high excellence persists as our dedicated team, and scouts,  are always on the look-out for fresh faces. With an emphasis on personal development, our talent receives the attention needed to be developed and to achieve success in the fashion &/or entertainment industry.

Our Clients

Book Management’s clients are trend-setting designers, magazines and various other companies, gracing renowned fashion publications, television and movie screens, prestigious ad campaigns, editorials and chic local catwalks from Montreal and neighbouring cities.

Who “We” Are

– We are a dedicated team of individuals, who are goal oriented and business minded with vast experience in the field.

– We Are Relevant: Using social media apps and platforms to help your career and its growth, by working alongside key player in the industry as well as creative artists for your development.

– We are respectful: As beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, we respect you and your uniqueness and will guide you in the direction you want to achieve while respecting industry standards.

– We are more then just looks: We look for individuals who are people minded and goal oriented, with charismatic personalities, charm, and that extra something.

– We believe in diversification: We love multicultural and unconventional looks,  from commercial to high fashion, while respecting industry standards. Our goal is to maintain a high-end diverse board of young superstars.

– We believe in Communication: Proper communication with your agents is very important to a successful career. You get as much as you give in this industry, and proper guidance will be provided from us, it is important for you to stay on your game.

– We are pro-health: A well-balanced diet, smart eating, and regular exercise are important to keep healthy and stay fit.

– We are all about developing relationships.

– We love the fashion and Entertainment industry:ook management is not only focused on fashion but also works with top players in other fields of the entertainment industry.